Dr. Mario Russo

Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Look your absolute best and gain your confidence with Dr. Mario Russo, a renowned plastic surgeon in Dubai

Craftsmanship in Cosmetic Surgery

Anyone can perform cosmetic surgery. It takes a seasoned expert like Dr. Mario Russo to make it look 100% natural and redefine the way you look, by paying attention to the details. Making you feel confident and having a positive impact on your lifestyle, through unique and advanced techniques.

Global expertise

Dr. Mario Russo, is an Italian Board-certified surgeon specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In the last ten years, he has lived and worked across Dubai, the United Kingdom, and Italy, and has established himself as a top surgeon in his field having successfully completed 300 plastic surgeries worldwide.

Dr. Russo is a Specialist Surgeon at the General Medic Council, the British Medical Association. He is also a member of some major European cosmetic surgery associations including the British Medical Association and the European Society of Aesthetic Surgery. He often travels to Europe to attend industry conferences and events to stay on top of the latest developments in cosmetic surgery.

Reputed Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Russo’s expertise as a cosmetic surgeon has been described in various press and media reports including television appearances in "Embarrassing Diseases" in leading TV channels. The basis of Dr. Russo's profession is the commitment to patient safety and to provide the best natural results in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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Expertise in Cosmetic Procedures:

Expertise in Non-Cosmetic Surgery:

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